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August 1, 2014


TO:                    Department Chairpersons and Graduate Program Directors

FROM:              David A. Francko

SUBJECT:         Graduate Student Research and Travel Support Fund  - Fall 2014 RFP

On behalf of the Graduate School, welcome to the start of Fall Term 2014! The Graduate School will once again provide supplemental funding for graduate student research projects and travel to present research results at conferences.  Please notify your faculty and graduate students that they may submit Fall 2014 proposals for the support of graduate research and travel using the enclosed form.  

Working together as partners, we can ensure that every UA graduate student has sufficient funding to conduct high-quality research and that every UA graduate student presents at least one paper per year at a national or international meeting. At international meetings, we hope that students will avail themselves of other opportunities for learning and interaction at a foreign venue.  This partnership has been an extraordinary success.  In 2013-14, we funded over 1,011 students with over $670,000, compared with 168 students and $75,000 in 2005-06!

For Research Awards, priority will be given to thesis, pre-dissertation, and dissertation research.  For Travel Awards, priority will be given to graduate students who have been accepted to present personally their own research (or creative activity) a national or international meeting of their discipline's major academic/professional organization.

Requests for awards to be used during the Fall 2014 semester should be submitted to the Graduate School by Friday, August 22, 2014.

Departments may submit as many nominations as they deem appropriate, provided that each nomination be matched with some sort of departmental or college cost share and all nominations above 3 be matched at least 1:1 with non-Graduate School funds.

Requests for awards should be initiated by the student's faculty adviser and endorsed and submitted by the department chair to the Graduate School.  The memorandum should include a budget, information about cost sharing, and, if travel is involved, an indication as to whether or not the student will be personally presenting his or her own work.  If you are submitting requests for more than one student, please rank order your requests.

For year-end tax reporting purposes, please indicate on the cover sheet for proposal whether each nominee is a U.S. citizen or not.



International experiences are important to ALL UA students, including graduate students. Presenting work at an international meeting is an excellent way for grad students to accomplish TWO goals – improve their CVs and learn about the host country in which the meeting is being held. To encourage more international paper presentations and actively encourage grad students to take advantage of ‘value-added’ international educational or research enrichment components of an international conference, we are please to continue the program we piloted last year.

In addition to providing up to $300 in travel support for an international paper/poster presentation, we will provide up to an additional $300 (matched 1:1 with departmental/ college support) to fund pre- or post-conference educational or research enrichment activity that can be bundled onto the paper presentation trip, either sponsored by the conference organizers or ad hoc activities with a strong research or educational component (i.e., no skiing trip in the Alps after a meeting in Zurich).

To apply for this supplementary funding, just use the existing form and indicate that you are seeking both meeting travel and international enrichment funding (thus total request can be up to $600 per meeting/experience). Be sure to describe the international educational/ research activities you plan to participate in. Again, we require that Grad School funding be matched at least 1:1. 


Although every attempt should be made by departments to include ALL research and travel proposals for Fall 2014 in the August 22 deadline, we recognize that last minute research opportunities present themselves and that student plans for fall 2014 meetings may not be complete by August 22.  The Graduate School will gladly consider these additional need requests between August 22 and the next formal round of proposals in January 2015 (January RFP), provided that they adhere to the rules and procedures outlined above.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Download Cover Sheet for Proposal  (to be completed by student's faculty adviser)

Please contact Kathleen Nodine in the Graduate School at if you need further information.


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